Economics students break the ice with brännboll

Economics students break the ice with brännboll

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On Monday afternoon Lund’s ghostly summer atmosphere finally started to fade as 300 new economics students – sporting an impressive array of costumes – began their introduction week with a brännboll tournament in Stadsparken.

In what was most people’s first real day out since arriving in Lund, randomly assigned teams of economics students competed in a costumed brännboll tournament at Stadsparken. Competitor Eric Johanson described it as “the perfect opportunity to get to know each other and have some fun.”

Creativity was high with teams ranging from poncho clad Mexicans to scantily clad swimmers, while pirates, cowboys and cave people wielded all manner of plastic and inflatable weaponry. There was also a one man “Team Streaker”, although this was an unofficial entry in the event.

Controlling the rabble was an able bodied group of older students from the Economics department led by Stina Cedergren, who still has many close friends from her own introduction week team:

– It’s a competition but it’s more about making the students feel happy here, to take care of them. And at the end of it all they are left with some very good lifelong friends.

But make no mistake, this was a serious(ish) competition and, fuelled by energy beers, the players gave their all and put their bodies on the line, with several sporting rather nasty looking grass burns and the unfortunate student from Stockholm accessorising her cave girl outfit with a ball shaped bruise.

The final was contested by the Air Stewards and the Police Officers but, alas, it wasn’t a classic as fatigue set in and some competitors became confused as to whether they should have been launching the ball or the bat off over the horizon. In a closely fought affair it came down to the final ball. Despite their best efforts, the Air Stewards failed to get enough people over the line, leaving the Police Officers to parade triumphantly through the park as the sun went down on the first day’s events. The secret to their success? Officer Andreas Jonsson attributed it to:

– Beer, lots of beer! We work hard and we drink hard, that’s our secret weapon.

With many more events planned for the rest of the week such as “play” and “mission” days and a final dinner to present prizes for the overall winners, best team spirit and best costumes, there appears to be far more in store for these new arrivals to enjoy before their studies start in earnest next week.

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