Activism through the gender lens

Activism through the gender lens

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The gender studies department invited the students on Wednesday for an open debate and lectures on the topic of feminist movements.

– The Feminist movement is going to put an end to racism, sexism and homophobia, announced Tiina Rosenberg, a in Sweden well known researcher from Lund and Stockholm University, in her lecture at the open Day of Gender Studies.

This special day is held every year in Lund University and the topic on Wednesday was Gender Activism. Sarah Goodman, professor on gender studies and one of the organizers explains the concept:

–  We organize it especially for the student community of Lund but also for other people outside the university. It is a very special occasion, where the researchers of gender studies present their projects.

Tiina Rosenberg was one of them and gave a new perspective on gender equality through her speech about `Feminist Art Activism’. Drawing on the different ways women are using emotions in connection with art to express their feminist beliefs she introduced the audience to several recent feminist art activist movements such as the ‘fittcrew crafters’ who cover up public spaces with knittings or the ‘bare breast’ movement of Malmö.

Also Diana Mulinari, from Lund’s department of gender studies surprised with an unusual topic: ‘women migrants in xenophobic parties in Sweden’. She claimed that ‘even in Sweden’ where gender equality is a constantly present issue in the public sphere, there are racist tendencies within democratic parties which affect migrant women – A claim which triggered many questions from the audience and resulted into a lively discussion.

The department is planning to organize more lectures and debates during the seminar series on the topic Cross-Cultural Comparative Gender Studies”, the 1th of November.

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