You’ve thought of going to Lapland?

You’ve thought of going to Lapland?

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The Lapland-trip could be both harsh and stone cold, but also totally wonderful. Lundagårds Fiona Almond went to check out if there was any real winter in northern Sweden.

I am probably just like you, an international student looking for adventure, and I did exactly what you’ve been thinking of doing, I went to Swedish Lapland.

Traveling together with 40 other exchange students as part of an Erasmus Student Network trip, we went for 24 hours, each way, by coach to the northern-most town in Sweden: Kiruna. There, in Swedish Lapland, we went on to private holiday cottages in Abisko National Park.

The sun rises for only a few hours each day in winter so there are ample opportunities to see the main attraction, the Aurora Borealis.

– Seeing the Northern Lights is something special. Its like watching natural fireworks, says Tim Kruisman, group leader and Masters student from the Netherlands.

– I was literally overwhelmed when I saw the Northern lights. It was the most memorable moment of the trip, said Caroline Gerhardsdotter, 22 from Switzerland, who will only be in Lund for one semester.

But what else is there to do?

Was the trip successful? Mostly, yes. Everything on the to-do list was achieved. However, the bus journey was less than ideal, uncomfortable and far too long on the coach.

Due to a severe lack of snow, many of the activities were cancelled or changed for similar but different activities, so there was often a feeling of it being disorganized.

It was expensive too with it coming to a total of more than €600 plus expenses.

So would I recommend the trip and would I go again? Certainly yes – it’s a once in a life-time experience – but look into arranging it yourself so that you can fly and go in a smaller group.

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