Emergency housing open

Just like last term, the university prepared rooms in the AF-castle for arriving students without housing for the first night.

– We do not expect that many students this term as there will only be around 500 newcomers, instead of around 2000 during the start of the autumn term, says the university organizer Daniel Lindström.

Last term the AF building’s central cafeteria Athen was used as a resting place for the students. But this year, the university has rented a basement hall for the needy students.

– It’s a last way out for the ones who don’t have any other place to go, says the university’s head of security, Per Gustafson and continues:

– But it’s better to be safe and have this place, instead of leaving the students to

sleep outside.

On Tuesday’s Arrival Day, there is a total of 1285 rooms available for rent at LU Service and the international housing office.

– We’re prepared, says Daniel Lindström.

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