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Don’t feel bad if your wallet seems always lighter than it should. Lund is Sweden’s second most expensive student city (after Stockholm), according to a study by Svensk Fastighetsförmedling, a real estate group. The study compared average monthly expenditure among Sweden’s student cities, taking into account rent, union fees, and food among other costs. Lund’s one upside is its student nation life, which is Sweden’s most affordable.

Protesters assembled in Lund’s stortorget on Wednesday to protest the Iranian culture week going on in Stadshallen. The Iranian Culture Center and embassy have arranged an Iranian art and film exhibition inside Lund’s city hall. Protesters turned out to decry what they believe to be a publicity stunt by the Iranian government, which  the protesters accuse of being a dictator regime guilty of crimes against its own people.

Regretting your choice of what to study? If a recent study by student advocacy group JUSEK is correct, up to 30 percent of Lund’s students feel your pain. JUSEK speculates that much of this regret stems from the prospect of unemployment and scarce internships in certain fields.

One of Lund’s tallest buildings could be a student nation. Helsingkrona Nation has been granted permission to construct a new house that may be as high as 13 stories. The nation hopes to accommodate up to 140 students in this complex.

A former Lund University professor who was accused of pocketing research money was denied state repayment for damages. The man was accused in 2008, but was never prosecuted due to a slow investigation. In the meantime, the professor felt that an increasingly hostile work environment pressured him to resign. He believes that if the investigation had reached a decision and found him not guilty, he would still be working.

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