Demonstration for Syria

Demonstration for Syria

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People will gather in Lund’s Stortorget on thursday to honor the victims and fighters of Syria’s struggle for democracy. No such event had been planned until a couple of days ago, when Karin Green stepped in.

Today marks the first anniversary of Syria’s revolution for democracy. Karin Green, a Lund local, felt compelled to arrange a manifestation to bring attention to this date.

“I was sure someone else would organize this kind of event. When nothing emerged, I took the initiative,” said Karin Green, who works as a organizer with the integration advocacy group Tamam.

“There are people in Lund with intimate connections to Syria. To demonstrate for the Syrian protesters is to show that borders don’t matter to showing solidarity,” she added.

This demonstration will not feature the typical speeches or raucous elements.

“We will gather in the square and create a public forum where we can discuss how we can help in the struggle. Our movement holds no political allegiance,” Karin explained.

Unfortunately common obstacles to assisting foreign movements, according to Karin, is a lack of information and a feeling of helplessness when hearing about such turmoil.

“My belief of activism is that you can help no matter where you are. We need to stop only reading about issues on the internet, gather together, and cultivate a dialogue that will break us out of our complacency.”

The demonstration begins at 5pm. Receive updates about the Syrian struggle through Syrien Nyheter, a Twitter account that has been regularly reporting from

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  1. It is not strange that people don’t see both sides of the coin when it comes to the Syrian crisis, if the Twitter account Syrien Nyheter is the main source of information. Apparently, Syrien Nyheter is spreading false facts about the marches in all Syrian cities today, by saying that people were demonstrating against the authorities and president al-Assad. The truth is that more than 9 milliions, in total, demosntrated SUPPORTING al-Assad and his reform program. Plenty of videos and photos are already available showing who the people of Syria are supporting!

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