Easter Bunnies or Easter witches?

Having easter time approaching soon, it might be good to get yourself acquainted with some Swedish Easter customs. Luise Krumm shows you what’s going on in Lund the coming weeks.

For sure many of you have already noticed the branches with the bright colored feathers attached to them which you can buy at the super market, at flower shops and many other places in Lund. Asking my Swedish friends about this they could not really explain me the meaning behind these bright decoration assets but all of them assured me that they are connected to Easter time.

Digging further into Swedish Easter customs I found out that there is much more to discover. Although nobody seems to believe in Easter bunnies you might be able to observe something else. On thursday before the Easter weekend little Swedish children will dress up as witches and get on their way to the magical mountain of Blåkulla to have a party with the devil. No kidding, this is the exact story the custom is based on and the actual reason why child witches might knock on your door that day to ask you for some candy.

Anyhow, besides that people told me that Easter is family time in Sweden and many shops will be closed during the weekend. This column will try to get you some more active alternatives to quiet Easter times.

Take your chance to learn more about the ‘women art revolution’ and exiting artist groups such as the ‘guerilla girls’ on Tuesday March 27th.  This time Mejeriet will move its documentary lounge to the Museum of Sketches. There will be drinks, a live painting show and a movie screening.

Place: Finngatan 2,Start: door open at 7pm, the movie starts around 8pm, Entrance: 60 SEK

On Thursday March 29th it’s time again for Tsil’s Internationen party. This time the topic is West Africa and you will have the chance to dance in the Senegalese style and and enjoy some nice snacks. As always Internationen is an event for which no student ID is required. So take also all your non-student visitors and friends. It’s great fun.

Start: 6pm, Location: Helsingkrona , Entrance: free

On Wednesday, 11th  April, AF is again organizing the AF-games. Pull together a team and participate in this spring’s big fight between Lund Student Organizations to overcome Easter tiredness.

This semester deals with the struggle for Lundagård. Teams will play several rounds of Laser Tag –  a game which is similar to the classic game Laserdome but which is possible to be played outdoors.

Or maybe if you like it a bit more calm take a trip to Copenhagen and have a look at this spring’s new born animal babies at the city’s zoo.  

Location: Roskildevej 38,Frederiksberg, Copenhagen; Opening hours: 10 am – 4pm, Entrance: 110 DKK

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