Anarchism and Coffee: This is India Däck

“There was a need for a left-wing socialist book shop in Lund, so here we are. Along with the cheapest coffee in the city!” beams volunteer Henning, as he shows Lundagård around one of Lund’s more unique establishments.

Nestled down some stone steps on Stora Algatan sits India Däck, a small book store and café with its heart to the left. Run by a group of eclectic volunteers offering books, discussion forums and a refreshingly affordable vegetarian lunch.

“We are a community of people, a collective who believe that socialism is the best form of government,” summarises Henning.

The store itself consists of several small rooms filled with slightly tattered yet comfortable sofas, ceiling collages and board games, all for the use of anyone who cares to pick them up.

“We also have a small exhibition room for young artists,” adds Henning, “they can bring their work and have it displayed for people to see. But the best thing we have to offer is our selection of books, both old and new, with titles that you won’t find anywhere else in Lund or Malmö.”

Three customers manage to tear themselves away from the climax of a chess match to provide their insights:

“It’s my first time here,” remarks one customer who, in the spirit of the collective, wished to remain anonymous. “I heard about it from a friend and I really like the comfortable surroundings it offers.”

“I will definitely come back, it’s such a nice atmosphere, so cosy,” says Anonymous’s companion, Anonymous 2.

“And the cheap coffee, we’re all big fans of that!” Adds Anonymous 3.

Built on a shared philosophy and collective unity, India Däck represents a one-of-a-kind venue in Lund, yet with its subterranean dwelling it seems to have escaped the attention of many an international visitor:

“It’s mostly Swedes who come here,” reflects Henning. “But we do get visiting students from various countries, there’s always interesting people to talk to.”

Perhaps in time this left-wing secret will become better known among Lund’s international community as well. After all, who can say no to cheap food and coffee?

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