Lasertag in the rain? Challenge accepted

The rain continues to drizzle down on this wet Wednesday afternoon and while some students seek solace in the warmth of cafes, others prefer to get down and dirty in the mud.

“We want to gather people around Lund and create a meeting point where people can have fun,” says Oskar Lundgren, programme coordinator of the lasertag tournament. Organised by the AF committee, nations, organisations and faculties were invited to join this tournament.

Music was blasting and the atmosphere was bubbling as we walked up to a contestant. Comically, his immediate response was “Would you like to join our team?”

Sebastian Sjöfors (green jacket), Helene Andersson (black jacket), Andrea Myhr (brown coat), and Oliver Cruz Rankovic (black jacket), from the psychology department that thought it would be fun to participate. Each bearing names of psychological disorders on their clothes, they enthusiastically discuss about the sittning that would take place at night and the award ceremony that would follow.

“We are not in it for the prizes, we just thought it would be nice to have some fun. We applied for the tournament over the AF website and now we´re here to win!” says Oliver Cruz Rankovic.

“We had something like this last fall, but inside the AF building instead. We would like to continue this tradition every term,” says Oskar Lundgren.

The white tents set up, the effective sound system playing and the barricades surrounding the area shows that the event was up and running not without a few hurdles.

“We have been talking about this event for some time, but actual time used to organise everything was a week. Our initial and main worry was that no one would join the event despite us sending emails to all the nations and student organisations. In the end loads of people turned up despite the rain, and it was all good,” says Oskar.

Some teams stand excitedly and prepared for battle, while others equip themselves with their guns while watching other teams play. Either way, this is surely a fun way to spend a grey, wet afternoon.

Let the game begin!

Text: Suzanna Tornroth

Photo: Jonas Jacobson

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