Badminton or Sushi? Follow the locals advice

Lund is beautiful. But what is there to do when the student environment starts to bore you? Meet the locals and find your new favorites.

Sten Hallosten is 71 years old and works as a priest at Allhelgonakyrkan since the last 50 years. 

“Every Wednesday evening I play Badminton in Gerdahallen, and then go for Folkdancing on Friday nights in Klostergarden, because it is fun and it relaxes me. When I was studying in Lund, I used to relax with my friends in the AF building, go to Spexes, and have some refreshments in the church.”



Peter Kubicek, 31,  is the owner of the two and a half year old company Abrick Macaronn. Since the last seven months he has been working at his own shop. Previously a sushi chef for 11 years.

“A Japanese restaurant called Rå Epok, because it serves food that is a great fusion between the Japanese and Scandinavian culture. Also, most of the fish and produce used in the dishes are freshly grown and harvested in Skåne. Since I used to be a sushi chef, I can tell how much effort it is put into preparing the dishes and it is obvious Rå Epok puts in a lot of effort. Prices are a bit higher than usual, but it is worth it because of the great service and the great food.”

Text and photo: Suzanna Tornroth and Lukas Norrsell.

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