News this week

More crimes against the environment, big fires at schools and a beloved seven year old turning forty. This is the summary of news this week.

A fire broke out at a Montessori school in the south on Lund Monday morning. The damage was considerable, with the visual and performing arts sections hit worst. Thankfully, it’s early morning breakout meant that no children were injured. An investigation into the fire’s cause has already commenced.

More crimes are being committed against one of Sweden’s most treasured assets: its environment. Common offenses include companies releasing poisons into the air and water, and private citizens burning trash that is too heavy to take to a disposal center. There have been 1,226 reported cases this year already, compared with 557 during the first half of last year.

A beloved Swedish seven year old turns forty today. Alfons Åberg, a children’s literary character of the author Gunilla Bergström, will enjoy a celebration at Lund’s Kulturen museum today. The museum has set up an Alfons exhibit, and some guests are expected to come in costume.

Lund might lose some of its endearing cultural elements in coming years. Expected cost rises means savings in certain areas. Several neighborhood libraries, the library bus, and Lund’s comedy festival are among the activities and services expected to be lost.

The many “ethical” products you see at the store are not just there for show. Lund demonstrates the highest commitment to purchasing ethically produced goods among all Scania’s four “fair-trade” cities. Lund respects ethically produced coffee the most, with 76% of the city’s coffee sales bearing the fair trade mark.

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