Friends all over the world

Studying abroad is an awesome experience for most people. But how to keep in contact with the once you learn to know? Luise Krumm suggests that spending some last quality time together before you separate might be a step in the right direction to keep in touch.

Outside of your own country you have the chance to start over again and it seems easy to get to know new people from all over the world. But do you think you will manage to stay in contact with your new friends after having returned to your home country? Truth is: it’s often very difficult.

So, what about strengthening the bond of your friendship by spending some quality time together before summer break? Have a look at the following selection cultural events.

In case you are interested in the topic of sustainability have a look at the movie screening organized by Lund’s green student association, Hållbart Universitet on 8th of May. This time the prizewinning documentary ‘Play Again on the topic of children’s connection to nature will be shown.

place: Ekologihuset, time: 6:30 pm, entrance: free

Never went to a Spex, the Swedish mix of comedy-musical and theatre play, before? Now is your chance to try one for free. On 9th of May a Spex around an English crime story will be shown at the pub of Wermland’s Nation. The Spex will be shown in Swedish language.

More information on the plot, here .Time: 7 pm, Place: Wermland Nation, Entrance: free, student ID required.

On 12th of May you can start your culture day by listening to music and reading poems at Smålands Nation. Within the cultural week on the topic of ‘migration politics’ the nation organizes several events, this Saturday amongst others an art exhibition, poetry reading and an audio-visual show.

Check out the nation’s  website for further information.

And in case your friends and you still did not get enough. During the night you will have the chance to party at Mejeriet’s  ‘Discoteka Yugostyle’. The perfect place for lovers of balkan-beats.

Place: Mejeriet, , date: 12th May, time: 11pm, Entrance: 80 SEK, buy tickets in advance, note: No student ID required.

On 16th of May there is another opition to join a Spex. Although it is not for free this time it is quite a premiere because this Spex will be shown in English language! So, grab your friends and take them to one of the screenings at Kalmar Nation. The story centered on the bloody myth of Dracula.

Date & time: 16th May: pub opens at 6 pm, show starts at 8 pm; 17th  May: 7pm;  19th May: 7 pm; Entrance: 60 SEK, Place: Kalmar Nation, more information can be found here.

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