The news week 19

Lund’s biking culture earns praise, a professor oversteps his authority, and an infamous murderer is brought to trial.

Lund and Malmö have been named Sweden’s top biking cities. Cykelfrämjandet, a bike promoting group, awarded a shared first place to the two Scanian cities. The competition measured each city’s level of planning and commitment to promote biking.

Lund’s Kulturen Museum is planning 123 community events for the summer, one for each day. The museum committee hopes to bring life to Lund’s sleepy summer months with events that will draw both tourists and locals. Among the events will be a folk music day, a middle ages day, and silent film evening.

A Lund University professor has been caught grading his son’s exam paper for the second time. The university considers the professor’s actions unethical due to the inherent conflict of interest, and is considering a harsher punishment for this repeated offense.

Last Sunday, prosecutors brought charges to a murderer, 19 months after his arrest. More than 60 investigators compiled a 15,000 page report on Peter Mangs, a man with a prolific shooting history against people of seemingly non-Swedish origin. He will be charged with three murders and 12 attempted murders committed between 2003 and 2010.

Chlamydia is on the rise in Sweden. More cases of the sexually-transmitted disease (37.290) were reported last year than in 2010. The increase applies to every age group except teenagers 15-19 years old. On the positive side, people are also getting themselves tested at higher rates.

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