How do you survive Lund?

How do you survive Lund?

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Do you feel lost in Lund during the summer? Get yourself ready with the help of some experienced students who will tell you how to enjoy summer and prepare for next term.

Where will you find a room, purchase a bicycle, or find the best ice cream in town? And most importantly, how do you meet new people? Let your fellow students help you out.

Zac Thill, 28, studies Human Ecology and comes from Portland, US. He has spent one summer in Lund before.

“When it comes to finding friends I would say that it’s quite hard sometimes in Lund. Last summer, I spent a lot of time in the library in a sort of fortress of solitude, and through that I got to know the other guys who were at the library.”

Where do you go for a swim? 

“Take the safe card and go to Lomma beach. I’ve tried Vomb lake, but it was to far away.”

How do you get housing when you arrive in August?“When you get here as a new student in August, I would say that the easiest way to get housing is to register at the AF once you get the acceptance-letter for your studies. And read all the info that you get several times so that you get what they really say. It can be very confusing the first time. I lived in a tent my first days here.”

Where did you get your bicycle?

“I found a bike at first, but it got stolen. After that, I found a great place right next to the church beside the train station. They’ve helped me out several times.”

Anna Ahlbertz, 23, studies Gender, Culture and Media and is originally from the Swedish island Gotland.

“Take a bike ride to Västra Hamnen in Malmö if you want to take a dip. Or, if you want to escape the people, head to the Sibbarp neighborhood which isn’t a long ways away.”

Where do you find a bicycle?

“I would recommend the kommun’s bike auction or the Bike Kitchen (Cykelköket) where you can build or repair your own bike every Sunday.”

Where do you make new buddies?

“Head to Folket’s Park in Malmö and find a nightclub you like. I recommend Tomboy, which is a great queer club.”

Which shop sells the best ice cream?

“The place at Lund’s Stortorget, Glasskulturen, is good, but nowhere in comparison to Dolce Sicilia at Drottningtorget in Malmö. There, you get fantastic gelato, both ordinary milk and vegan ice cream. Totally worth a bike trip to Malmö.”

English student Mikael Gamm is 28 years old and is originally from Stockholm.

“I always go to Lomma for the nice beach, the long coastline, and the fine scenery along the bike ride there. If you can, get a summer bus card because then you can go to Österlen, which I hear also has great beaches.”

What’s the best way to find housing and a bicycle?

“There are many ways to get a bike, but it’s most important that you don’t get one that is too nice. I had a nice one in the beginning, but it quickly became stolen.”

“When it comes to housing it’s very difficult. Accept living far from the center in the beginning, and that you can find something closer in the long term. If you have time, get engaged with the student nations and get into their housing queue.”

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translation: Justin Chan 

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