Nations Appoint New Heads

Nations Appoint New Heads

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Last week, ordinary citizens came flocking to the ballot boxes to exercize their democratic right in big nations.

Barack Obama prevailed in that presidential election. However, America wasn’t the only place where a heavyweight fight unfolded last week. Lund, Göteborg and Malmö nations got new full time working students who are in the front seat from now on.

“Yes, many of the big nations went into the elections yesterday”, says Oskar Palmerot, current Counselor (kurator)at Lund’s Nation.

He will get new co-workers for spring. This will happen when Joline Buachoom takes over as Counselor for social matters, Lisa Sundström becomes Notary, and Fredrik Persson jumps on board as Counselor of Finance.

“I already ran for this position last year, so I’ve had time to think about it and I’m really looking forward to it”, says Fredrik Persson, who in this semester is taking a break from his Business Administration Studies to take a distance course in History and run the freshman business at the nation.

What happens now?

“Right now, it’s about getting a feel for how the job works and then we’ll see in which way I can contribute”, says Fredrik Persson.

At Lund’s Nation, Elin Persson will also get the keys to the nation as Forman of Accomodation in 2013, but she will not be working full time.

At Malmö Nation, a record-beating nation meeting could, according to themselves, appoint Gustaf Hjelm and Anna Ringborg Counselor and Vice Counselor for social matters.

And last but not least, Göteborg’s Nation also went into the elections, in which Gustav Anckarkrona advanced from Forman of freshman matters to Counselor, where he succeeds the current Counselor, Gunnel Bildt.

“I’m going to have an exciting year at the nation, says Gustaf Anckarkrona, who otherwise is in his fifth semester of Mechanical Engineering.

 Translation:  Maximilian Aleman Tennell  



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