More housing available after Arrival day

More housing available after Arrival day

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The housing situation for the spring term looks brighter than usual. LU Accommodation plans to have housing available even after Arrival day.

On the spring term’s Arrival Day this Thursday, around 500 students are expected to arrive in Lund, looking for housing and a chance to sign up for their studies. 
Of recent years, many have been looking desperately for a place to live, without any luck in the end. But this spring term, the situation looks more promising.

“We’ve seen that we right now have more housing available than we got applicants, so the situation looks good for the arriving students?, said the manager at the University’s housing service LU Accommodation, Sara van Lunteren.

Around 50 students are waiting in the preliminary queue, organized for those looking for housing. However, at Arrival day, other international students interested are invited to join the line.

“Out of what we can see, most European students without a secured housing have sought to find another place to stay from the start, so the queue is shorter than usual”, said Sara van Lunteren.

How come that there are some rooms expected to be left unrented?

“We don’t know for sure, but the supply of university owned or rented housing have been increasing during the last term so there are more available right now. Some might also think that the price is set too high, as the rooms are being leased furnished, which increases the price.”



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