These are the medical students’ demands

These are the medical students’ demands

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The student organization Medicinska Föreningen says they will carry out a one-day strike if the politicians in Region Skåne don’t accept their currently established list of demands.

“The main issue in that case is probably that they will miss out on classes,” says the region representative. 


Yesterday in the extraordinary council meeting, the medical students’ student union decided to establish their demands in three points:

“We don’t want production requirements to cut into the teaching. Also, we want a higher level student influence and to make general demands on the environmental improvement for employees’ and patients’, says Julia Frändberg, president of Medicinska Föreningen.

According to the time frame of the disposition, a meeting between Medicinska Föreningen and local politicians will take place on March 18th. After that, continuous communications between MF and Region Skåne will be established during the spring.

On May 13th, a follow-up meeting will be held.

“Of course, at that point, everything doesn’t have to be implemented. But we will picture what’s going on and decide how we move forward from that point,” says Frändberg.

Sten Axelson Fisk, medical student at Lund University, has authored the original motion of a student strike. He also took the initiative of writing a debate article on the topic.

“I’m very pleased with the list of demands. It’s crucial that the point concerning the strike remains, and it’s a good thing that we make demands for a formal student influence. But the most important thing is especially us showing solidarity and that we think about the health care providers and the patients, not just the students”, says Axelson Fisk.

Medicinska föreningen has been continuously communicating with politicians within Region Skåne. Among them, we find Torbjörn Tegnhammar, political secretary of the political party Moderaterna. He wants to emphasize the fact that they mainly communicate with Medicinska Föreningen, but he tells us about how the list of demands has been received.

“Some parts of it feel like things we will grant, but which we will have to follow up on to make sure they materialize. Moreover, it’s difficult for the politicians to micromanage the teaching procedures. Within the general questions, such as the employees’ and the patients’ conditions, we don’t consider Medicinska Föreningen to be our main interlocutor. But of course we take notes of their opinions.

In case the points on the list of demands aren’t met, Medicinska Föreningen says that plans on taking their members on strike will begin.

“For us, the problem is mainly them missing out on parts of our teaching, which will be missing at a later point when they look for employment within Region Skåne. But we see it as us communicating with MF, and in case they opt to take their members on strike, we have no views on the matter”, concludes Tegnhammar.

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Translation: Maximilian Aleman Tennell

Text: Dennis Jörnmark Callstam

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