Åkesson and Ullenhag to appear on Studentafton

Åkesson and Ullenhag to appear on Studentafton

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The party chairman of the Sweden Democrats is set to discuss immigration policy with the government’s Minister for Integration on April 22.


This marks the first appearance of the Sweden Democrats on Studentafton. The debate will mainly focus on asylum- and integration policies.

”We often accept requests about who to invite, and both Jimmie Åkesson and Erik Ullenhag have been requested by several people”, says Emma Modéer Wiking, head of Studentafton, and continues:

”The decision to invite the Sweden Democrats might attract some criticism, but the Sweden Democrats are our fourth largest party and I don’t see any problem with inviting them to a debate on issues that are discussed in the media every day”.

Emma Modéer Wiking says that the talk is part of a spring filled with politicians at Studentafton.

“As there’s an election in 2014 we’ve decided not to invite any politicians starting from autumn 2013 up until the election. That’s why we’ve invited representatives from every party this spring. It’s important to strike a balance, as we often face criticism whenever we invite politicians.”

The Sweden Democrats are sometimes accused of being a xenophobic party. What is your take on that?

“We don’t differentiate between our parties in Parliament. During part of the evening the audience will be allowed to query Jimmie Åkesson and Erik Ullenhag, so anyone who wants to is welcome to raise questions of that nature then.”

Text: Ida Ölmedal

Translation: Jesper Lodin

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