”We are very excited”

”We are very excited”

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They are nominated to be the collective voice for the students of Lund. Now, only the deciding sessions votes remains. Are Clara Lundblad and Edward Linderoth-Olson nervous?

”Yes of course, it’s something I’ve prepared myself for for a long time. But I can sleep at night”, says Clara Lundblad.

Last week, along with Edward Linderoth-Olson, she was nominated by the election committee to take the place as a chairperson in Lus, Lund University Student Unions. But it’s not decided yet. Wednesday night, the committee will present the proposal, and Thursday was the last day for rival candidates to apply. (read more below)

”It’s very likely that there will be rival candidates, and that’s just fun. It’s important to be well prepared for the sessions”, says Edward Linderoth-Olson.

However, they don’t want to reveal what aces they’re carrying up their sleeves for the sessions. The election committee haven’t published their nomination texts yet either. But there are some competences they believe have carried weight in their nominations.

”When you have been a chairperson for a year, you have gained some of the experience that is needed to take on this task, even if Lus is a bigger task to take on”, says Clara Lundblad.

What do you think the greatest personal challenges of this task would be?

”That’s difficult to say before the year has started, a lot is decided by the political questions that come up on the agenda during the year. The important thing is to adapt to those questions when they come,” says Edward Linderoth-Olson.

”But things like not working too much are always important to handle as a fully remunerated student”, says Clara Lundblad.

What great challenges do Lus have as a whole then?

“It might not be the greatest challenge, and it’s a recurring one, but getting people to become active in the organisation is very important. I think that a dialogue with the member unions is very important to that question, as they are the basis for everything”, says Clara Lundblad.

Edward Linderoth-Olson has taken a break from most positions of trust after his assignment as vice-chairperson in the student union at LTH, TLTH, 2010/2011. Now he’s decided to enter the fray again. What was the motivation?

“It’s been lying under the surface ever since I stepped down from the student union at LTH. Lus felt like a natural next step now that I’ve started thinking about ‘what I’m going to do afterwards’. It would be a lot of fun to continue the important union work if I was to be elected.”

Adding: Two rival candidates has joined the election, so the battle on the election the 25 th could be rough. These are Vilhelm Hultgren and Felix Molin from the student unions Lundaekonomerna and Vårdvetenskapliga studentföreningen. 

Translation: Matilda Lundborg 

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