April 30th outside Stadsparken

April 30th outside Stadsparken

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What to do if you don’t wanna be in the middle of the crowd?

Here comes your coming days. 


Chill out at Botan

Can you do without the buzzing of 30 000 voices around you? Do you want to avoid having to desperately protect your favorite blanket from spilt beer?

Visit the Botanical Garden, Botan, the most peaceful April 30th paradise.

A guaranteed tinnitus-free zone without roaring house speakers. Plenty of space for moving around and who knows, you might even spot some of those exotic families with children.

A sanctuary for those who have doubts about Stadsparken Botan will make your day.

Linus Gisborn


Kriget in Malmö

Did you see Moneybrother after he released his first albums? Do you remember that comical saxophonist Gustav Bendt saving half the show? He plays in the band Kriget these days and the last time yours truly saw them there was a go-go dancer fronting the band instead of a singer. The music sounded like a groovy sea battle and in addition to the dancer there was a girl waving a pirate flag throughout the concert.

A true “arrr arrr” – experience. Together with praised rockers mf/mb they will play at Babel from 11 p.m. on April 30th.

Avoid going there with a headache.

Kenneth Carlsson

Walk high above the rooftops

In Helsingborg, the last day of April will traditionally be celebrated at Gröningen. “Amateur Evening” – the nickname of the spectacle referring to all 15-year-olds occupying the space and drinking their first Danish bootleg right there and then – is not recommended at all. If you’re into Tivoli all their dance floors will be open, but prepare for a huge crowd of Valborg-idiots. If in stead you want to see the beautiful side of Helsingborg it’s for free. Visit Slottshagsparken by Kärnan and follow Landborgen north. Walk past the stone stairs at Hälsovägen, through the leafy paths in Pålsjö skog all the way to Sofiero. All this with a beautiful view of Denmark 30 meters above the rooftops of the city. If you miss this when in Helsingborg you’ve missed it all.

Kenneth Carlsson

Cash and country

People who just woke up after celebrating the last day of April and want to leave the previous day behind them can visit Malmö and see Rosanne Cash perform at Kulturbolaget. The song I’m Movin’ On is a suggestive piece of dynamite from her last album and one of many country hits that for sure will be played. If you‘re into country and fretting over never being able to see Johnny Cash perform, this is a golden opportunity to see his daughter carry on the family name in a dignified way. The occasionally groovy country music will surely have any hung-over student swaying on the train back home to Lund.

Linus Gisborn




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