The final foray into the nation haze

The final foray into the nation haze

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Feel like topping off the semester in suitably grandiose style? Jesper Lodin gives some tips on where to find the best clubs this coming week.


Mojito’s all around – soon you can exchange your academic woes for more base concerns. Like what to do with all your free time, who’s who on Mad Men, and what would be a sufficiently masculine amount of jalapeños to impress the girl behind the counter at Subway. But before that seasonal lifestyle-change occurs, you’ll probably feel like celebrating after your final ventilation seminar – unless you’ve signed up for any summer courses, in which case you might as well just spend the night in the SOL cafeteria. Well, if you feel like going out and having a good time this week for whatever reason, here are some of the better choices available.

Thursday, May 23

The ESN will throw a Write-on-me Goodbye Party for foreign exchange students at Helsingkrona this Thursday, which sounds like a cathartic mix between tearful farewells and intoxicated dancing. Bring a disposable t-shirt or risk waking up with ribald jokes in Romanian scribbled all over your Sunday best.

Otherwise, Lund Nation’s Penthouse is a solid bet, the only downside being the profuse sweat you’ll work up climbing the stairs in this heat.

Friday, May 24

Hallands’ Klubb 3 is a mainstream heavy-hitter that traditionally soaks up a lot of the clubgoers on Fridays. The best part is, if you arrive too late to beat the brutal queue that usually forms by 23:30 or so, you can just try one of the other two Torna nations hosting clubs just up the road – Krischanstad and Helsingkrona.

An alternative would be Blekingska, which is sort of the nation equivalent of Alpha Centauri – it might theoretically be a cool place to go to, but due to the interstellar distances involved, it’s hard to say if humans will ever set foot there. All kidding aside, Heartbeats’s actually a pretty solid electro-centric little club, if you don’t mind the long walk.

Saturday, May 25

First of all, there’s the final installment of Wermland’s ”Teleportalen”, this term’s spatial answer to the time travel of last year’s ”Tidsmaskinen”. Visitors will get to pretend they’re in wondrous Paris in what’ll probably rank among the more impressive club experiences you’ll have all year. Dress up as a french stereotype for reduced entrance fee.

Malmö Nation’s got a bit of a Slytherin reputation, which is half unfounded and half completely true. But if you can suppress your repulsive visions of little Draco Malfoy’s getting jiggy to smugly ironic funk music, Upper East is a pretty good club.

Finally, Östgöta’s Sunset is another good choice for ruining your Sunday. Popular, with lots of pheromones whirling around – just watch out so you don’t get schwacked by some sexually-frustrated dude in heat for, ehm, existing in the same public space as him.

Well, there you have it – one seriously life-affirming coda to a (hopefully) fantastic semester. See you at the party, Richter!



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  1. Although, on Friday it’s not Heartbeats at Blekingska, it’s the pop club Indigo with a concert with Timo Räisänen 🙂

    1. Jesper Lodin

      Sorry, my bad – based on the calendars on Studentlund and Blekingska’s website I got the impression that Heartbeats would be held regardless on the 24th. Indigo’s cool too though!

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