60val the Festival

60val the Festival

What happens if you gather all the student associations in Lund, put them on a small piece of grass and allow them to run the show a weekend? That we will see when the first 60val of all time starts.

– Everyone will be able to watch spexbattles, theater-sports, and check out the art in the AF-building … Or buy low-price waffles or hotdogs and just hang around the committees, says Hilda Kjellberg.

She is responsible for 60val, a 2-day-festival in Lundagård, arranged for the first time in September. The idea, which was announced this spring, is to show the inhabitants of Lund all the things a student can engage in.

– It is a variety at its best. People working, studying or not doing anything at all, everyone can during these days take part in things the students does, Hilda Kjellberg says.

 The first idea was that 60val should go on for 60 hours, nonstop. But questions about the event were raised rather quickly. Would it be possible to keep a good quality for such a long time with a short planning? And would the police be happy about the event? Not to mention all the neighbors having their sleep disturbed.

– So we decided to run a 2-day-festival instead, day and evening. Then we would be able to deliver good stuff during hours when everyone can watch. And, instead of doing 60 hours we do 60 different things. Instead we might do 60 hours nonstop next year, because we still have the ambition to do that, Hilda Kjellberg says.

This quite new concept, in combination with a short planning and a summer in between, has led to that very few sessions have been set for public eyes. But a festival program is on its way, to be released September 15th. Exactly one week later, at the same time as the city event Kulturnatten in Lund, the 60val will be up and running.

Hilda Kjellberg looks at the grass spot in front of the AF-building and points:

– On that spot, exactly, we are going to build our stage, facing the Lundagård park. All of Lundagård will be a standing ticket for those who want to watch. We will definitely make the city aware that something is happening here.

Translation: Lars Jansson

Illustration: Maja Cronert

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