Fanny Ramel, elected Futuralgeneral

Fanny Ramel, elected Futuralgeneral

The student carnival, Futuralkarnevalen, now has its general. The carnival committee stepped out of a smoky, green time machine after travelling to May 2014 to bring back their general – Fanny Ramel.

The rain was pouring down by the University fountain as the carnival committee was about to announce the new general. Former carnival general, Erik Neppleberg, gathered the spectators to announce that the carnival committee had travelled to May 2014 to bring back the new general.

“The time machine will be landing soon, so look towards the sky,” said Erik Neppleberg and looked up towards the rain-laden sky.

The first female carnival general

After a few more showers’ worth of anticipation and one rumble the spectators ran to the west side of Kungshuset where the green carnival time machine had landed. One by one, dressed in white time machine suits, the members of the committee came out until only one of them remained – Head of Entertainment, Fanny Ramel. Karneval history was made right then and there – never before has Lundakarnevalen had a female general.

“It feels really good to finally be able to say it. We’ve known about this for two weeks and it’s been hard not to let it slip,” says Fanny Ramel.

“I have good organizing skills and I’m used to working with non-profit commitment. I also have a lot of experience from previous carnivals,” she continues.

Total unanimity

Discussions within the carnival committee regarding who would be elected general went on for some time, but two weeks ago the decision was made.

“We are in total unanimity. Not once did we discuss who would be elected with gender as a factor,” says Gustav Brattström, Vierichef.

What’s next?

”We can now decide on the guidelines for the organization. We will soon be moving into Karnevalscentralen and work outside the committee and the department heads will begin,” he says.


Text: Carl-Johan Kullving

Photo: Lukas Norrsell

Translation: Karin Briheim


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