Culinary Inspirations; Duck with Yellow beets & Herb Butter

Culinary Inspirations; Duck with Yellow beets & Herb Butter

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Duck is one of the more interesting poultry meats which you can cook and prepare, its slightly fatty yet lean consistency is a savoury delicacy. Allowing us to balance it with a classic range of nuts, beets and herbs, all of which are rustic, and simple flavours.

The dish which we’ll be looking at this week will be an amalgamation of rustic and fundamental tastes, tastes which are infused and then contrasted in texture, composition and size.

The duck breast is best served when its reaches an internal temperature of 58c; for me I set the oven to 100c (though you can increase the temp, yet you should remember that the duck may be consequentially drier and less lean than when cooked at the lower temp). In a standard convection oven at 100c a duck breast of 200-400gs takes circa 50-70 minutes to reach perfection!

The making of Herb butter is a simple recipe; all you need is cooking butter, the herbs of your choice, mix in a bowl by hand and finally shaped to the desired size and placed in the refrigerator before serving.

Serves 4

500g Duck Breast 

100c until 58c internal 



Herb Butter

Butter 200g

Herbs of Choice 


Olive Oil

Mix & refrigerate 

Roasted Hazelnuts 

Hazelnuts 200g

Roast at 175c for 30min

Add cinnamon, sugar & Salt

Pickled Yellow Beets

1-2 Beets per person

See recipe above and boil said beets for 10min and serve

The combinations above allows us to create a culinary basis for further expansions in flavours and expression, with this; why not add something extra, say apple sauce, walnuts or chopped black root?

The balance of flavours are your’s to command!


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