Most Viewed This Academic Year

Most Viewed This Academic Year

Which were the most visited articles at during this academic year? We have the full list here. 

1: “Indebted Students Don’t Protest”


David Harvey. Photo: Archive/Daniel Kindstrand
David Harvey.
Photo: Archive/Daniel Kindstrand

Lundagård met renowned geographer David Harvey during his visit in Lund. He is disappointed in the lack of a radical student movement.

“I think that students themselves have to self organize. And there are signs of this. Small groups of students who are emphatically seeking to generate a movement.”, he said during the interview.

2: Spex, Sex, Drugs and Double Entendre

Kalmarspexarna played the spex “Jack the Ripper”, the only spex in Lund performed in English.

“Like any good Spex, Jack the Ripper is full of sex, drugs and double entendre.” wrote Lundagård’s reviewer Kate Monson.

3: “Sweden Should See Us as Employees”

Ali Soltani, one of the promoters behind the manifestations for doctoral students' situation. Photo: Privately-owned
Ali Soltani, one of the promoters behind the manifestations for doctoral students’ situation.
Photo: Privately-owned

PhD students from outside the EU demonstrated on the streets in Göteborg and Stockholm. They demanded equal treatment from the Swedish government and want to be employees.

“After eight years in Sweden, I still have to work four more years here to get a permanent Visa and if I would want to become a Swedish citizen another five years”, Ali Soltani from Iran said.

Along with Miljöpartiet (The Swedish Green Party), the government later presented a legislative draft bill on improving the possibilities to continue living in Sweden.


4: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Easy Swedish Learning

This post from November 2012 became viral again. It concludes three easy steps to improve your Swedish – “And it never gets boring”. 

5: Fed up with Harassment – Now She Is Leaving Sweden

Umashree Pancholy.
Umashree Pancholy.

When she asked her fellow corridor mates to cut down on the partying, she was harassed on Facebook and referred to as Hitler. Umashree Pancholy from India describes her time in Lund as four months of hell. She never finished her Master’s Program.

“I never want to return to Lund University, only if I can afford to live in my own apartment.”







6: Along with the Train

The Parade during Lundakarnevalen 2014. Photo: Archive/Jens Hansen
The Parade during Lundakarnevalen 2014.
Photo: Archive/Jens Hansen

The Lundakarnevalen was held in Lund this May, and Lundagård reported from the Parade (train).

7: Lund Might Lose 50 Percent of International Students

This article from April 2011 became viral again.

“The feared reduction of international students attending Lund University is, so far, not as bad as we had thought,” said Richard Stenelo, responsible for handling the new tuition charges, back then.

8: COLUMN: I’m growing up. I don’t care anymore

Columnist Paula Dubbink. Photo: Tim Jedeur-Palmgren
Columnist Paula Dubbink.
Photo: Tim Jedeur-Palmgren

Columnist Paula Dubbink wouldn’t call herself apathetic, but still she wonders why she isn’t more concerned about what happens in the world. What did happen to the cute idealism of her teenage years, the time when she would save the world?

9: Among Garbage, Failures and Threats 

Threats, mismanaged housings and raw sevage that is spilled out right outside the window. These are just some of the conditions 200 tenants have endured at Lund University’s newest international student accommodation.

10: Behind the Velvet Curtain

From student to stripper. During a personal crisis Jessica sought out the sex districts of Copenhagen. What was first meant to be a temporary solution resulted in four years of spilt champagne and postponed dreams.

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