He Might Become Your New Rector

He Might Become Your New Rector

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Torbjörn von Schantz. Foto: Lund University/Kennet Ruona

Thorbjörn von Schantz is the name of Lund University’s next rector, at least if the University College gets what they want.

For about half a year Lund University has worked hard to find a suitable candidate to succeed rector Per Eriksson when he resigns at the end of the year. The many applicants have been scaled down to four top candidates.

The voting this Monday at the University College, which consists of students, teachers and staff was supposed to indicate who they suggested to be the new rector of the university. Early in the process, it was clear who the votes pointed towards). Of the total 46 votes Thorbjörn von Schantz got 27, clearly more than all of the other candidates got combined.
“We stand behind Thorbjörn von Schantz whole-heartedly because he lives up to the demand profile the University College has compiled as well as the profile the students have had,” says Ludvig Sundin, student representative of the University College.

Some of the most important aspects of the profile are that the new rector should defend the students’ opinions and have a comprehensive picture of the university.
“He has a good reputation when it comes to student influence. At the same time we get the impression that he is a leader that cares to broaden the university, that he will work on maintaining the undergraduate programmes in a wide variety of subjects,” says Ludvig Sundin.

Thorbjörn von Schantz is at the moment pro-rector at The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. He has previously been dean for the Faculty of Natural Sciences and was one of the top candidates last time Lund University was going to appoint a new rector.
Soon a candidate will be suggested to the University Board. The 19th of September, a decision will be made concerning whom the government will appoint for the position.


Text: Kenneth Carlsson
Translation: Mia Söllwander.

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