Trick-or-treat: How to Halloween in Lund

Trick-or-treat: How to Halloween in Lund

Spooky Halloween. Photo: Katherina Riesner.

The spookiest night of the year is coming up and you don’t know how and where to celebrate it? Here is Lundagård’s guide to a scary Halloween in Lund.

Halloween means ‘hallowed evening’ and denotes the evening before the Christian All Hallow’s Day, on which the dead and saints are remembered. Where the roots of the holiday lie is still not entirely clear. It is said to have Christian, Celtic and pagan influences.

Originally from the British Isles, the US and Canada had the biggest impact on the development of Halloween. Trick-or-treating, jack-o-lanterns and spooky parties are now a central part of this fall favorite holiday.

What to Wear?
Costumes range from bloodthirsty vampires, ghosts, and witches, to fairies, princesses and beauty queens. There are several stores in Lund that have a selection of Halloween articles. If you have a small budget, go check out T.G.R. and H&M; they sell lots of small accessories that you can use to vamp up a regular outfit.

If you’re looking for face paint, artificial blood or want to spend a little more on your costume, go to Butterick’s at Östra Mårtensgatan 14A or visit Klädkammaren in AF-borgen between 3.15pm and 5.30pm on Friday to loan a costume for SEK 150.

Where to Go?
There are tons of Halloween themed parties going on at the nations on both Friday and Saturday. Wermland even promises “the creepiest basement you could ever imagine. With witches, zombies and ghosts we will give you a night you won’t forget.”

Friday, October 31st:

  • Kalmar nation: “Halloween Kaggen”, 5pm
  • Krischansta nation: “Tricks or Beats”, 10pm
  • Helsingkrona nation: Halloween @ Helsingkrona, 10pm


Saturday, November 1st:

  • Lunds nation: Halloween @ Penthouse, 10pm
  • Sydskånska nationen: Heart(less)land, 10pm
  • Wermlands nation: Halloween, 10pm


So put those fangs in or get your wand ready and turn this weekend into an epic experience. Happy Halloween!

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