Student Accused of Sexual Assault

Student Accused of Sexual Assault

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A student at Campus Helsingborg has been accused of sexual assault.

It was in the middle of October this year that the student sent threatening messages to a woman at the same institution. The suspect has previously been showing an interest in the woman, who has rejected him.

After being rejected, the man has, among other things, reportedly written a message saying that “maybe it doesn’t matter because the newspaper reported that a woman has been found killed by too rough sex” and that he was going to “fuck her to death.”

Shortly after the incident, the man sent a photo of his penis to the woman, which got her to report him to Lund University disciplinary council.

During conversations with the woman, the man has said that he regrets deeply what he has done and wishes that he had never done it. The woman has clearly disassociated herself from invites from the man, and has not yet reported him to the police.

The disciplinary council is expected to treat the case in December.

Text:  Carl-Johan Kullving
Translation: Mia Söllwander

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