Putting Light on Human Rights

Putting Light on Human Rights

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Winter forum, movie screenings, seminars and panel discussions. All the human rights relevant events from Jus Humanis are there open for you to attend.

Dena Dervanovic, the president of Jus Humanis Human Rights Network. Photo: Eleina May
Dena Dervanovic, the president of Jus Humanis Human Rights Network in Lund.
Photo: Eleina May

Have you ever thought about afrophobia in Sweden? How much do you know about LGBT population? What is the sexuality issue in migration?
Run by international students of human rights law, Jus Humanis Human Rights Network, raises awareness for everyone who wants to know more about human rights issues.

“I think everyone should strive to know more about human rights, because they are concern each and every one of us. Ignorance often leads to prejudice and bias. Being informed about what’s going on, especially from human right perspective, helps us form opinions and have a better understanding of things”, says Dena Dervanovic, the president of the organization.

Arrange winter forum
The organization was founded in 2005 and has about 50 members. During this fall they arrange lectures about human rights, show documentaries about Kenya and will also arrange a winter forum on the 19th and 20th of November.

“At this moment we are organizing our big event winter forum, with the right to sexuality as its main topic, with a focus of the rights of the LGBT population, as well as the role of sexuality in migration. The purpose of this event is education and raising awareness about these issues. The forum will include a series of lectures and will be concluded with a movie screening, that I promise will be very interesting.” says Dena Dervanovic, when she talks about the winter forum.

Open events
All the events from Jus Humanis are always open to public freely. “We are very open, because we talk about such important things that we want everyone to hear about”, says Dena Dervanovic.

Facts: Jus Humanis Lund
Founded in Lund in 2005, Jus Humanis International Human Rights Network is an independent organization, leads by human rights law students at Lund University. The main aim of JHN is to raise the awareness of human rights issues all over the world.

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