Most Read Fall 2014

Most Read Fall 2014

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Accommodations, relationships and a portrait of a journalist from The Maldives. These are the most read news at during fall 2014.

1. 2014-10-07 A One-Way Ticket From Paradise

During her childhood Lubna Hawwa longed to go somewhere else. Today, she is working to change the place she once tried to get away from. The journalist Lubna Hawwa from The Maldives is studying in Lund with a set goal to be able to return home.


2: 2014-12-05 “An Overdose of Information When I Arrived”

A language barrier, heavy university administration or the Swedish social reluctance: those were the main debates of the International Day the 5th of December last year.


3: 2014-10-28 Vagina Soit

Our reporter Edwin Montoya Zorrilla looks back on the day a student newspaper published vulvas on its cover.

4: 2014-10-14 The Accommodation War

It’s hard to find an accommodation in the beginning of the semester in Lund. Here are some advices about how you will find be more successful in finding a student housing.

Kat Riesner foto Jens Hunt5: 2014-10-22 COLUMN: Going the Distance

“Long distance relationships suck! I know this. I have done it before. Somehow I decided to put myself through this torturous process once again with double the amount of time away from home. Am I insane?”
This is the question Katherina Riesner ponders in this column.


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