Half a Million to Kreditkassan

Half a Million to Kreditkassan

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Vilhelm Hultgren is chairperson of Kreditkassan. Photo: Archive/Jonas Jacobson.

Kreditkassan is in for a late Christmas present as the foundation receives 500,000 SEK in donations.

The New Year is off to a good start for Kreditkassan. The Union-run foundation, lending money to students, receives 250,000 SEK from the Ebbe and Elsa Koch´s foundation, and an additional 250,000 SEK from Sparbanksstiftelsen Öresund.

“I am very relieved and grateful for all the support”, says Vilhelm Hultgren, chairperson of Kreditkassan.

“Now, we can improve our visibility and communication to the students, and hopefully help more students. This also allows for an increase in educational evenings where students can learn more about private economy”.
Where will the money be placed?
“It will be allocated to an interest account at Sparbanken Öresund. The money will not be invested but stay there to be lent without risk”, Vilhelm Hultgren says.

100 additional loans
Counting the new donations, Kreditkassan now has a capital of about 2.5 million SEK to lend students in Skåne. The function of the foundation is to give loans with lower interest than banks.

“An addition of around 100 students per year can receive loans, depending on the size of the loans”, Vilhelm Hultgren says.


Facts: Kreditkassan

  • Founded in 1922
  • Is a foundation owned by Lund University Student Unions
  • Loans can be given to students at a university or a university college in Skåne who are members of a student union.
  • There are two types of loans: the Small Loan of 1,000-5,000 SEK, and the Big Loan of 6,000-20,000 SEK.
  • The yearly interest is now at 4.93 percent.

Text: Carl-Johan Kullving
Translation: Carl-William Ersgård
First published on lundagard.se



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