The Biljetten-Scholarship Has Been Advertised

The Biljetten-Scholarship Has Been Advertised

- in Lundagård
Illustration: Rebecka Peterson

Playfulness, courage, and brilliance. Thanks to these traits, a co-worker at Lundagård received a trip to Berlin last year. This year, the holder of the Biljetten-scholarship receives a trip to Warsaw, Poland.

Marko Wramén was the editor-in-chief and legally responsible publisher at Lundagård in 1994. Photo: Anna W Thorbjörnsson
Marko Wramén was the editor-in-chief and legally responsible publisher at Lundagård in 1994.
Photo: Anna W Thorbjörnsson

Marko Wramén, who was born and raised in Malmö, was the editor-in-chief at Lundagård in 1994. The freelance journalist is the founder of Biljetten, the scholarship for co-workers at Lundagård, supposed to inspire them to be playful, courageous and brilliant.

When Marko studied journalism at the University of Gothenburg, he observed the non-profit work that many people devoted themselves to, and how these people put a lot of time and hard work into it.

“I could not give anything in return, back then, but even so, I thought that ‘if ever I have some spare cash, then I will pay back.’ A few years later, I thought that that was actually a pretty good idea, and that Lundagård would be the perfect organisation in which to draw attention to the non-profit work,” he says.

Through the scholarship, Marko has the opportunity to give something back to those people who work hard and who do it voluntarily. The idea is that the scholarship should motivate the co-workers of Lundagård in their non-profit work.

The criteria for receiving the Biljetten-scholarship is that the co-worker, in his or her work, should dare to stand out, dare to be different, but still to be able to do a good and interesting job. The scholarship is supposed to encourage playfulness, courage, and brilliance, and all co-workers at the student newspaper are allowed to apply.

“It does not matter whether you are a journalist, photographer, or illustrator, as long as you dare to be brave and playful in your work. I believe that Lundagård is a good environment for cultivating such qualities,” Marko Wramén says.

Last year, the journalist Virve Ivarsson was granted the scholarship. Her wide scope and curiosity within her field granted her a much appreciated trip to Berlin.

“Partly, it was nice to receive the scholarship, because it was a holiday-scholarship, but also to hear such nice words about all the effort I have made,” she says.

This year’s holder of the Biljetten-scholarship receives a trip to Warsaw, a choice of destination Marko Wramén explains in the following way:

“Warsaw is one of the capitals of Europe which many tend to miss. Poland is an exciting country and Warsaw has changed a lot in later years. Personally, I think that the central European perspective could serve as an interesting contrast to our western-oriented picture of the world, not in the least today, when Poland’s neighbour in the east is at war.

The fact that it is possible to have a lot of fun in Warsaw is a nice bonus. Especially in the district of Praga, on the other side of the river, where most houses survived World War II, but only a few have been renovated afterwards. There, new bars, restaurants, and art projects are initiated constantly, which guarantees a vibrating culture- and nightlife.”

How to apply for the Biljetten-scholarship:

  • Requirements: You are a co-worker at Lundagård and have done work for the newspaper in the past year.
  • What to do: Write a personal letter in which you motivate how your work this year represents playfulness, courage, and brilliance. Attach examples on work you have done and describe situations where you believe these qualities can be seen.
  • Application: Send your application to Sunday 19 April, at the latest.      


Translation: Richard Helander

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