They Have Been Nominated to Lead Lundagård

They Have Been Nominated to Lead Lundagård

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The nominating committee at Lundagård have nominated Virve Ivarsson, Casper Danielsson and Tove Nordén as new editors for Lundagård.

Tove Nordén is nominated as publisher and editor for Lundagård. Photo: Jens Hunt
Tove Nordén is nominated as publisher and editor for Lundagård. Photo: Jens Hunt

The incoming editors all agree that Lundagård should be a newspaper for every student at the University.
“It’s nice to get some doctoral students in as well. It has been my part to raise their issues but also their research,” Tove Nordén says over the phone from Uppsala. At the moment, she is on an internship at Swedish Radio’s Vetenskapsradion and nominated for the position of two-year editor and publisher.

Virve Ivarsson is nominated as editor. Photo: Jens Hunt
Virve Ivarsson is nominated as editor. Photo: Jens Hunt

In favour of more student groups
Virve Ivarsson, nominated as two-year editor, also wants to open up for more doctoral students and goes on to mention international students and students with children. She also says that Lundagård needs to be better at reaching law students, economists and students of technology, with which Casper Danielsson agrees.

Casper Danielsson is nominated as web editor. Photo: Jens Hunt
Casper Danielsson is nominated as web editor. Photo: Jens Hunt

“It’s obvious that we write too little about very large groups of students, for example students of technology,” says Casper Danielsson, nominated as one-year web editor.

Substantial experience
The nominated editors all have substantial experience in journalism. Tove Nordén is studying journalism in Lund, Virve Ivarsson has been a summer substitute as editorial writer at Expressen, and Casper Danielsson has been working as a reporter at Barometern. All three have been working at Lundagård for over a year.

Continuous development for co-workers
Virve Ivarsson has been an active co-worker at Lundagård since 2011 and wants to counter co-workers being put into categories such as “cultural writer” or “photographer”. Instead, she wants all co-workers to do a little of everything. She also wants to follow up on co-workers through regular performance reviews more frequently.
“I think we should provide more feedback. Everything I have learnt have been through feedback,” she says.

Casper Danielsson wants all co-workers to be able to test new things and be allowed failures.
“Our co-workers have very different levels of ambition, and we must take that into consideration,” he says.

New ideas
“The most important thing is that we, as a newspaper, become more relevant, that our readers feel that they can have a dialogue with us,” Virve Ivarsson says.

She holds that this can be done by reintroducing an op-ed page in the newspaper and holding debates apropos longer texts either in the paper edition or on the website.

Tove Nordén also suggests that the paper should establish an opinions page. She refers to a listener’s network at Vetenskapsradion in Uppsala and suggests that Lundagård establishes a reader’s network that can catch reader interests and receive input.
“The students should be able to influence what we write about so that the newspaper remains up to date. Reading Lundagård has to be relevant,” she says.

Different areas of expertise
Casper Danielsson has studied political science, Virve Ivarsson law and arts, and Tove Nordén environmental science and journalism. They all believe that their areas of expertise will interact in their role as editors.
“We are three individuals with very different areas of expertise that I think will cooperate very well,” says Casper Danielsson.

The editors at Lundagård are elected by the Lund University Student Unions’ Session on 20 April. The new editors assume responsibility for the paper on the 1 July.

Tove Nordén

  • 25 years old
  • From Lund
  • Bachelor Degree in Environmental Studies, currently studying journalism in Lund and has been on a one-term exchange at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.
  • Currently on an internship at Swedish Radio’s Vetenskapsradion in Uppsala
  • Active co-worker at Lundagård since January, 2014, freshman editor 2014.
  • Most proud of at Lundagård: Her very first story in the paper edition about the nurse programme.

Virve Ivarsson

  • 25 years old
  • From Uppsala
  • On her sixth term at the Law Programme in Lund, has also taken courses in creative writing, sociology, history and philosophy.
  • Previous editorial writer at Expressen.
  • Active co-worker at Lundagård since spring, 2011.
  • Most proud of at Lundagård: “MVG i okunskap” and her story about sex and love norms among students.

Casper Danielsson

  • 20 years old
  • From Kalmar
  • Has studied political science and economy at Lund University.
  • Has worked as a journalist at Barometern and also written for Svenska Fans.
  • Active co-worker at Lundagård since February, 2014
  • Most proud of at Lundagård: Three news articles the day after the decision to hold an extra election, interviews with the University management, political scientists at Eden as well as how the extra election affects the students.


Text: Ulf Waltré
Translation: Carl-William Ersgård

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