Smålands Nation Is Approaching Studentlund

Smålands Nation Is Approaching Studentlund

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The committee of Smålands nation now suggests that the nation join Kuratorskollegiet and Studentlund.

In the fall of 2009 Smålands nation was excluded from Kuratorskollegiet, KK, the cooperative organization of the nations, after having refused to cooperate with Akademiska Föreningen, AF. Since then Smålands nation has remained excluded from both Kuratorskollegiet and Studentlund.

But that may be about to change. Smålands nation’s Executive Board has now made a proposal for the nation meeting concerning a membership application for both KK and Studentlund.
“We have had a decreasing number of members over the past few years and we need to become bigger. We have not tested this solution, which is why we now let our members take a stand on the issue”, says Edvin Lindström, administrator at Smålands nation.

Cooperation needed
If the members vote in favor of the Executive Board’s proposal Smålands nation first needs to be elected into Kuratorskollegiet by the other twelve nations. As Smålands nation does not require a student card in order to gain admission to their activities, all students in Lund can visit the nation.

But for those who are members of Smålands nation and wish to visit other nations’ double membership is required.
Kuratorskollegiet as a cooperative body is politically neutral, but there are no formal hindrances for individual nations to engage in politics themselves”, states Carl Mauritz Arteus, Chairman of Kuratorskollegiet.

In order for resumption into KK to be possible at least two thirds of the other nations must agree on the issue, and decisions need to be made at two separate KK-meetings, with a term shift in between. This means that Smålands nation can become a member of KK at earliest in September 2015.
“It is possible in theory, but it will require change in the statutes and that could take time”, according to Carl Mauritz Arteus.
Do you believe they can become members of KK?
“I can only speculate on what the nations’ take on this is, as we have not discussed it at all. But the foundation will be what Smålands nation wants, which we will learn at the nation meeting on April 13”, says Carl Mauritz Arteus.

Must become principal
The next obstacle the nation must overcome is becoming a levied principal for Akademiska föreningen, meaning that they among other things administer payment of AF’s membership fee. All nations except Smålands nation, as well as the unions who are a part of the Studentlund cooperative, are principals of Akademiska föreningen’s board of Directors.

For AF’s acknowledged associations there are distinct rules stating that neither religious- nor partisan impact on opinion is allowed. However, that does not apply to principals.
“There are no rules stating that principals of AF cannot be involved with politics. But it is common practice not to engage in work which affects political and religious opinions”, says Aron Klingberg, Operations Manager for AF.
Can Smålands nation become a levied principal for AF?
“It is up to Akademiska föreningen’s board of Directors to decide. I cannot speculate on it for the time being.”
Is it possible for the nation to become a member of Studentlund?
“It is too early to answer. What premises apply? What is their view on the collaboration? We must get to know each other as organizations, there needs to be a dialogue. Studentlund is built on a solidarity principle between unions, AF and nations in order to broaden life as a student. If they want to be a part of that premise that is fundamentally positive”, states Aron Klingberg.

Promotes breadth
Studentlund coordinator Carolina Norlin is also positive towards the proposal of Smålands nation’s Executive Board.
“We want all student organizations to collaborate in order to promote and diversify student life in Lund”, she says.
Can Smålands nation enter into a separate agreement with Studentlund?
“No, the current Studentlund agreement is drawn up in a way which allows for three branches – nations, unions and AF – to enter. This means that Smålands nation must become a member of KK as well as a levied principal for AF.”
Are political organizations allowed in the Studentlund agreement?
“In the agreement there is no clause stating that an organization cannot engage in politics. However, most nations have regulations expressing that they do not employ in political influencing, so they may be more critical towards this”, according to Carolina Norlin.

On Wednesday, March 25, Studentlund held a general meeting with unions, nations and AF present.
Smålands nation was mentioned as an additional item but was not further discussed. It is still an internal process at Smålands nation”, says Lisa Fjellström, Chairwoman of Lundaekonomerna, a union affiliated with Studentlund.

On April 13 the members of Smålands nation will take their stand on the proposal made by the Executive Board at the nation meeting. Read the full motion here.

Text: Carl-Johan Kullving
Elise Petersson

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