The Move from Villan Delayed

The Move from Villan Delayed

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The move will be between Villan (left) and the old parish hall (right). The picture is a montage. Photo: Archive/Carl-Johan Kullving

Towards the end of spring last year, it was decided that the student associations in Helsingborg would be moving out from Villan in favour of new and larger premises. The move was to be completed this summer – but has now been postponed.

Cicilia Carlsson is President of the Board at Stampus in Helsingborg.  Photo: Archive/Carl-Johan Kullving
Cicilia Carlsson is President of the Board at Stampus in Helsingborg.
Photo: Archive/Carl-Johan Kullving

“Our original plan was summer 2015, but that was before we had seen the house and knew what needed to be done before the student associations could move in,” says Peter Arvebro, business developer at Helsingborg City.

Today, Villan houses most of the student associations at Campus Helsingborg, but it is both small and difficult to renovate. That is why the proposal to move the student associations to premises that were previously a parish hall at Furutorpsgatan was received with open arms.

Has to be refurbished
However, the preliminary moving date was scheduled before the people involved knew what need for refurbishment the new premises had. They will have to put in a new ventilation system, build a kitchen and make adjustments for a pub.
“It’s not a delay as much as an adjustment. Summer 2015 was an aim, a hope. Now that we know what needs to be done, we have been able to give a much more probable date,” Peter Arvebro says.

Neither Cicilia Carlsson, Stampus President of the Board, is surprised that the move will have to be postponed.
“We knew that summer 2015 was just a preliminary date, because we scheduled it before any planning meetings took place. It’s a long process with a lot of consultants involved, and we understood that it could take longer,” Cicilia Carlsson says.

Does not need to be bad
Since the move will now take place during the term, it will affect students, who will have to carry it out while studying, but Peter Arvebro does not believe that this has to be a bad thing.
“It would have been much more convenient during summer, but it’s not a huge operation. Many students would have gone home during summer anyway, or been at summer jobs, which would have made it more difficult to move. We will have an intense moving week mid-term instead,” Peter Arvebro says.

Stampus had its sight set on moving during the summer, but apart from the operation plan needing a change, the postponement does not create any problems, according to the organisation. The main thing is that the move takes place.
“I have a good feeling about this. It’s already great, but now it will be even better,” Peter Arvebro says.

Text: Jessica Gustafsson
Translation: Carl-William Ersgård

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