Language Confusion Creates Frustration

Language Confusion Creates Frustration

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The student Eric Edholm is one of those who studied Strategic Organizing. He is critical to how the School of Business and Management managed the course this semester. Photo: Saga Sandin

Lack of communication and bad attitudes from the teachers. These are just some things that have been on the agenda for students studying Strategic Organizing.

The course on Strategic Organization given at the School of Business and Management had some problems this semester revolve around the ambiguity of what language is used on the exam and lack of communication among the teachers The problems started on the first day of the introductory lecture with information that was later changed after the course coordinator left in the middle of the course. The students found out about the new information the day before the exam.

English or Swedish
The student Erik Edholm, who has studied the course this year together with several others, is disappointed. “At the introduction the teacher responsible for the course informs us about the course layout. Among other things, we got different information about the exam. At the exam we will be able to choose whether we want to write in English or Swedish.

The day before the exam, the students received an email informing them that English was the exam language, but it might be okay to write in Swedish. Something that Eric Edholm reacted strongly about.
“It’s a bit like saying that ‘the exams written in Swedish will not be thrown in the trash but we prefer that you write in English’,” Erik Edholm says.

“Very low level”
Erik Edholm believes that the design of the course should be clear. And what he, and many of his fellow students, perceives as a problem is something that should be addressed.
“Before the course begins, the teachers have to agree on the language to be used in the exam. Instead of dealing with the problem, the teachers are blaming each other. I think this is at a very low level. There should be routines available on how to act when someone leaves,” Erik Edholm says

Felix Blanke, Vice President at LundaEkonomerna. Photo: LundaEkonomerna
Felix Blanke, Vice President at LundaEkonomerna. Photo: LundaEkonomerna

One of the languages throughout
​​Felix Blanke is Vice President of LundaEkonomerna and according to him, the ambiguity of what language that applies to the exam has not previously existed.

”I have not heard of any problems with the language earlier. It tends to be one of the languages throughout. Strategic Organization is a great course with many students and the teachers try to do their best to give the students a satisfactory course, but apparently it did not work as it should. We have not had any knowledge of this until now, but it is important that we bring it up with the proper institution. It is very regrettable that it has become like this,” Felix Blanke says.

Will look it over
At the School of Business and Management, where the course is given, the matter will be reviewed. Nikos Merchadis is the Director of Studies for the undergraduate and graduate education at the institution. He himself does not recognize the problem but makes it clear that the institution should review what has happened.

“Regarding the course I have received an e-mail from a student but nothing more. We have done a course evaluation, and when it comes to the course structure the grade is 3.5, where the majority responded either by 3 or by 4. But we take this very seriously and I will talk to the teachers responsible for the course to see how well they recognize themselves. Then we’ll see what comes up and how we should do in the future,” says Nikos Merchadis.

Text: Beri Zangana
Translation: Lars Jansson

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