New trio takes over Lundagård

New trio takes over Lundagård

From July 1, the student newspaper Lundagård will be led by Virve Ivarsson, Tove Nordén and Casper Danielsson. Photo: Jonas Jacobson

Tove Nordén, Virve Ivarsson and Casper Danielsson were chosen as new editors for Lundagård on Monday, April 20.

The Lund University Student Unions went with the Election Committee’s route and unanimously chose the three nominees. Tove Nordén will be responsible publisher and editor during two years, Virve Ivarsson will be editor with two years’ mandate and Casper Danielsson will be web editor for a year.
“It feels fantastic, it doesn’t get any better than this”, Casper Danielsson says.

The election assembly was delayed.
The election assembly dragged on as the hall in Palaestra had been wrongly booked. Instead, the council members and the co-opted had to move to Universitetshuset and room 206.
“I was a bit late and my knees grew weak as I was hurrying to Palaestra. But it almost felt better to speak in that room because it felt more like a classroom than a podium. It didn’t matter that much”, Tove Nordén says.
How does being elected feel?
“Super exciting and I’m very eager to start”, Tove Nordén says.

Future scenarios
In the session, the three nominees were questioned on leadership, the journal’s economy and future scenarios for Lundagård. After a short discussion the committee members decided to vote for the three nominees.

Virve Ivarsson is also happy to have been chosen as an editor
“It feels terrific! It’s going to be so much fun to get started and I had an excess of adrenaline during the whole election assembly”, Virve Ivarsson says.

The three new editors will officially assume responsibility for the student newspaper Lundagård on July 1 this year.

Text: Carl-Johan Kullving
Translation: Elise Petersson

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