More Expensive Alcohol Serving to Come

More Expensive Alcohol Serving to Come

It will cost an extra 1,000 Swedish kronor for student organizations to serve alcohol when the permit unit proposes higher fees.

Photo caption: Annika Landfors is the head of the permit unit in Lund Municipality. Photo: Archive/Kalandranis Dimitris
Photo caption: Annika Landfors is the head of the permit unit in Lund Municipality.
Photo: Archive/Kalandranis Dimitris

The permit unit in Lund Municipality breaks even from fees like the ones from the table license*.  In preparation for the municipal executive board meeting held this Wednesday, the permit unit has handed in a suggestion for adjusted table license fees.

“The demands are higher today, and there has been an increase in costs since we last adjusted the fees five years ago. To deal with the work load, we would like to hire another person full time, and for that reason we must gain a greater income”, says Annika Landfors, head of the permit unit.

Eligibility assessment costs
Nations and other student organizations often change the person responsible for the table license, and in connection with this, the permit unit does an eligibility assessment involving the police, credit report information and an evaluation of knowledge of alcohol serving management.

It is in connection with these assessments that the permit unit wants to introduce a specific fee for student organizations with a permanent table license – 5,000 kronor per calendar year, which is a lower cost than what regular restaurant owners have.

“It is not reasonable that nations and other student organizations should be compared economically with other restaurant owners. We want it to suit the actual cost better.”
How has the reasoning been?
“To find a solution with the prior fees, we have taken a lesser fee from student organizations. Instead of paying 8,000 kronor when managerial circumstances have changed by more than 50 %, we have charged the lower fee for when the managerial circumstances have changed up to 49 %, which is 4,000 kronor. Therefore, the actual increase will only be 1,000 kronor”, Annika Landfors says.

”We’ve also had an ongoing errand during the year where the nations have been able to make all their changes. Now, there will be an annual fee for the student organizations instead of one fee per request, like the one other restaurant owners must pay”, she says.

Decision in May
The nations turn over hundreds of thousands of kronor per year from their alcohol activities, so the possible fee will not affect the business too much. The municipality executive board dealt with the issue on May 6, then the municipal council will reach a decision on May 21.

* The license to serve alcohol

Text: Carl-Johan Kullving
Translation: Lina Johansson

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