The Duty of Inspiration

The Duty of Inspiration

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Inspiration is that silent element in any individual’s progress which requires a frequent visit, says columnist Saahil Waslekar.

The academic year has concluded. Friendships that each of us have made over this period of time will be cherished and looked upon with content. When we reminisce about our time spent in Lund, the satisfaction of having made such ties would serve as the definition of a successful time spent in an international university.

After many years there might come a day when we aim to meet in Lund to re-live memories created several years ago. The force which steers our mind to meet in the future is neither a promise or belief, nor hope or memories itself. It is the inspiration which we have gathered today as students in Lund and keep collecting in our individual journey.

Visualise the following situation: You have a completed university education and want a job, although, jobs are scarce. You are on your way towards achieving your personal goals. When you look around, you realise that your friends are still uncertain about their future. Success or lack of success is equally detrimental if not shared with friends and close ones.

In such a time, it is only inspiration that will help us sail forward.

Within the first nine days of arrival in Lund, it happened to be that it was my birthday. I was most fortunate to celebrate my birthday with the friends I had made through ‘arrival week’ activities and new classmates from around the world. Knowing that I have such wonderful friends, inspired me to enjoy the first year of university life in a wholesome manner. My only unfulfilled wish, before slicing the cake, was to tell them all that I was very grateful to be beginning on a journey with them, especially the classmates.

Our actions during our time in university, unknowingly, have an impact on others. It may be in the form of a classmate’s fashion of presentation, stories from your neighbour about the experience as an international student, an invitation from a friend to enjoy a traditional preparation of food from their home country or even words of friends at Lund Central station before they take the train to Copenhagen and beyond.

All these unintentional impacts inspire silently.

While they leave a trace on our minds and hearts such actions also serve as an inspiration to others. For instance, it will be most fulfilling to contact or to be contacted by a friend you knew remotely during university ten years from today and discuss your journey since university days. It is the duty of inspiration to ensure progress and that we stay in touch. If we do loose contact, it is all the more relevant for inspiration to re-establish contact between long lost friends.

As students, inspiration lies all around us. It is almost omnipresent. Our very own friends are examples of a beautiful future we have before us.

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