Helsingborg Will Receive 160 New Student Apartments

Helsingborg Will Receive 160 New Student Apartments

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The student residence of Furutorpsparken will be neighbours with the new students’ union building Helsingborgen. Photo: Press

Helsingborg will get 160 new student apartments this spring. The apartments are to be released on the market by the 8th of March – and it is first come, first served.

Helsingborgshem will rent out 160 new student apartments from March onwards. The new residential area will be named Furutorpsparken and will be Helsingborgshem’s second one near the park.

The need for student apartments is high in Helsingborg. The new apartments will vary in size, and Helsingborgshem notices that students ask for different types of apartments.

“Always in high demand”
“The demand for student apartments is always high. These are however special as they, besides good location, offer extra opportunities such as study rooms and other natural venues”, says Charlotte Albertsson, market and business development manager at Helsingborgshem.

The apartments’ close proximity to the station, the students’ union building and campus are also reasons for why the apartments are extra attractive. But these advantages come at a cost. A one-room apartment of 21 square meters will cost 4400 SEK a month for ten months a year.

“It’s a special student residence that differs from the others in the city. We want to offer rooms and apartments of different sizes in order to meet different students’ wants and needs”, says Charlotte Albertsson.

Johan Cederberg. Photo: Agora
Johan Cederberg. Photo: Agora

The Chairman of Agora is critical of the rental alignment
Johan Cederberg is the chairman of Agora, which is a stand-alone section of the Social Sciences Student Union, located in Helsingborg. He thinks it is good that new and different kinds of student apartments are being built in the city.

However, it is advantageous if the rents are at a level fit for the students.

“Students are not among those with the most money in society, so it is important that what is being built is affordable. The rents here are aligned with the idea that several students and families will be living together”, says Johan Cederberg.

First come, first served
The residential area contains 160 apartments, whereof 20 of them will be put on their homepage from the 8
th of March. The rest will be made available in stages, and all of them should be available just in time for next term’s information of admission. By then, it will be open for all students who wants to apply.

“We have chosen not to have a queue for the apartments on our homepage – so it’s first come, first served for them”, says Charlotte Albertsson.

Article: Miranda Gatti
Translation: Viktor Jönsson

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