We are humans: Greta Kamberi

We are humans: Greta Kamberi

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Photo: Hauke Steffen

“We are humans” is a freelance project, with which Lundagård journalist Eleonora Kleibel and photographer Hauke Steffen aim to point out the great cultural variety the entire body of Lund University has to offer. This week we present a student of the university: Greta Kamberi.

Photo: Hauke Steffen
Photo: Hauke Steffen

Where do you come from?

– I am from Kosovo, which is a country based in the Balkans. It’s a new country as we recently gained our independence and are developing.

Where do you feel at home?

– I feel home where I am accepted. I feel at home in places where people don’t look at me like a stranger. Where I can talk freely and also express my feelings and ideas. Basically, wherever I can communicate freely.

How did you come to Lund?

– I was keen to go to University after my Bachelors. I liked Lund University. So I came to Sweden because of the University.

Can you tell us the story of your name?

– I would love to have a name that has a background form my country. But my name is rather an international name because I was named after Greta Garbo, a famous actress from Sweden. I was named by my aunt, who was living in Sweden when I was born. But I would love to have a more traditional name, because we have our own traditional names which have a great history.

Photo: Hauke Steffen
Photo: Hauke Steffen

Do you have a word you particularly like in your first language?

– I have a favorite word, which is Faleminderit. It means thank you. You can say it all the time, it is suitable in all situations. Thanks for this, thanks for that. It also describes the country very well. People are very thankful in Kosovo.

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