Smålands Nation Will Open Up to Everyone

Smålands Nation Will Open Up to Everyone

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Photo: Najla Vallander.

Smålands Nation’s activities will become accessible to anyone who is old enough – even those who do not study. This was decided after a majority vote made at the nation. 

Small chances of membership in Kuratorskollegiet has made Smålands search for other sources of income. Now, the nation may have found one.

During last week’s nation meeting, the motion “the Peoples’ Nation” was met with support from the attending members. The change will mean that Smålands nightclubs and pubs will be aimed at everybody over 20 years of age, and all members over 18 years of age, and with a possibility for the club manager to adjust to only students or members by demand.

Smålands should be open to all”
The idea behind the motion was brought up in May last year, after the nation’s annual political week. At that time, the nation was also open for non-students, and this attracted many new visitors. The decision about the general condition for the nations in Lund have also resulted in that active members at Smålands want to reach a broader audience.

“I want Smålands to be an open space where everyone can enter”, motion author Tomas thinks.

In preparation for the nation meeting one of the representatives at the nation, Alice Nordin, warned that the change might undermine the nation and its socialistic status. But her deputy colleague, Rode Grönkvist, is a bit more constructive on the consequences of the newly passed motion.

Consequence of Kuratorskollegiet
He thinks it will lead to Smålands gaining the possibility to take a step towards becoming a broader organization. At the same time, he thinks that this change is needed and highlights the critique regarding Smålands not having become a member of Kuratorskollegiet, despite having applied for a membership last year.

“Our nation has been treated unfairly by Kuratorskollegiet. Those who are members of Studentlund can visit our nation, but our members – unless they also are members of Studentlund – are not allowed to enter their nations”, Rode Grönkvist says.

Will take effect this fall
Smålands Nation has been officially socialistic since 1971. Active nation members have taken a stand against the jaunty and the conservative.

“We want a meeting place for all kinds of people”, Rode says, thinking that this will be easier to achieve now when voting has been in favor of “the Peoples’ Nation”.

The changes take effect September 1, 2016.

Article: Rebecca Bornlid Lesseur

Translation: Elise Pettersson

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