Graduation Day: To All Future Students

Graduation Day: To All Future Students

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Just in time for graduation columnist Saahil Waslekar shares his secrets and best advice for future students.

Life in Lund has been a celebration, every single day of it. I hope that this celebration spirit continues during life after Lund. There are many memories that surface although instead of taking you through memory lane, I would like to talk to all future students of Lund University.

At Lund University, within the first two months, you will learn that academics is only one part of student life. Once this realisation becomes reality, set out, explore and find your core activities that will probably summarise your time at the University. My journey at Lundagard began in October, 2014, which introduced me to a host of Swedish traditions, sittnings and reciting Helan Går every opportunity you had. The opportunity to write for Lundagard presented me the fortune of becoming Editor-in-Chief of Utrikesperspektiv magazine, Lund.

When you complete the first year of Master’s studies make sure to go on a major Eurotrip that summer. You will have time for a summer job, internship and other such Nobel prize winning commitments any other summer. Make the most of summer in a relaxed manner.

My summer memories from 2015 include attending a metal fest in rural Lithuania, cannoning in the Stockholm archipelago, enjoying hot baths in Budapest and planning a vacation in Reykjavik, which resulted in a commitment to return on a month long road trip. For your mental and physical well-being, try organising a weekend outing once a month, you will need it. Mine included, trips to Söderåsen National Park and the picturesque town of Ystad, towards the south east coast of Sweden.

Furthermore, I cannot shy away from one major regret I have, which must be shared. If I could turn back time I would really like to spend more time with my classmates. I never managed to spend as much time with my classmates who are from around the world, owing to my commitments outside of social gatherings. I am certain to find all of them in the future path. Likewise, I also managed to upset a few close corridor friends, who, I must tell you, are your immediate family. Hold on to them.

To say the least, at Lund University you will feel almost protected. You will notice, time spent at Lund University is like a journey on a speed clock machine. Make most of the opportunities before you, with international students, Swedish traditional activities, travelling across Sweden, studies, activities and making memories.

Finally, a little secret – the underlying theme that I have kept to myself in all of my Lundagard columns has been ‘conversations’. Each of my columns were results of conversations I have had with friends in Lund.

I am most grateful to this experience.

And now, I shall sign out, to leave for my graduation ceremony.

/ Saahil Waslekar

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