Huge Facelift for City Nations

Huge Facelift for City Nations

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CAPTION: “We have been renovating since May, so I look forward to the opening”, says Martin Brandt, curator at Malmö nation, here seen standing in the nation’s new bar. Photo: Fanny Beckman

During summer, some of the largest nations gave their clubs a thorough renovation. Now, a new club is coming to Göteborg’s nation and Lund’s nation are putting their efforts into cleaning the air.

Great minds think alike. While the old medieval city have spent its summer months traditionally void of people, the city nations have all invested in radical renovations of their club facilities.

For example, Östgöta nation have installed new bars and refurbished their kitchen area, visitors to Göteborg’s nation will from now on be met by a lounge inspired interior with bare light bulbs and concrete plastered wall tiles. And at Malmö nation, the facilities have been granted a new club entrance, new sound and light systems, a new floor, and repainted walls.

To an outsider, it might seem as though the simultaneous launch of all these renovations by the city nations implies that it is an attempt to compete with each other. These nations are, after all, not that far apart, have somewhat similar club concepts and competes to some degree over the same audience. But apparently, this is not the case.

”Of course, it is all quite weird. But these changes have been planned for years, so it has not been coordinated in any way”, says Martin Brandt, curator at Malmö nation.

Johan Bolin, PQE at Östgöta nation, also finds the situation somewhat odd and holds that it would probably have been better if the nations had not decided to launch their renovation projects at the same time.

”It would probably have been easier to get a hold of construction workers if we had not all been renovating during summer. But it is fun to hear that the other nations are also expanding”, Johan Bolin says.

According to the spokespersons from the city nations, the changes are mostly due to the fact that time has made its mark on the facilities.

”We have basically done nothing with our facilities since they were opened five years ago, so they desperately needed a facelift”, says Nils Johansson, curator at Göteborg’s nation, among others.

Despite the renovations mentioned, people in need of a safe footing can rest assured in the fact that the most popular city nation nightclubs will keep on going during autumn as well. As usual, the doors to Kajplats 15 at Göteborg’s nation will open every Friday. The next day, Sunset at Östgöta nation will do the same, and on the very same day all House loving people in Lund will have their musical needs fulfilled at Källaren at Malmö nation. The techno club at Göteborg’s nation will be remade into an Underground club, however.

But what about the lust for renovation at the fourth city nation, Lund’s nation, the big player in all of this? And yes, they too have made an investment during the summer which probably won’t go unnoticed.

”We have exchanged our ventilation duct”, says Mortimer Henningson, curator at Lund’s nation.


Text: Marcus Bornlid Lessure

Translation: Carl-William Ersgård

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