The Clips to Keep You Warm…

The Clips to Keep You Warm…

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Illustration by: Rebecca Petersson

Sunday Advent, with its candles and mulled wine, might seem far off. But do not fret! The editorial office of Lundagård is giving you its best YouTube-tips that guarantee warmth to get you through the cold and dark November.

Translated by: Cecilia Eriksson


The Predecessor of Swedish Designer Ernst byline_filippa_print
Bob Ross will give you a guide on how to create a nature painting from scratch. As the painting comes to life on the canvas he will blurt out wonderful New age– sentiments. Bob Ross must have inspired Swedish designer Ernst Kirchsteiger when he was making his own debut on television.  Bob Ross – Mystic Mountain (Season 20 episode 1).

Everyday Happiness
Brazilian farmer Maria shares the joy of getting up every morning to see the corn and bean fields she has grown. This is a part of the movie Human, which includes portraits of people all around the world on the subject of happiness, love, and sorrow. I recommend the whole movie for those who have not seen it yet. HUMAN – clip #16: The simple pleasures.

Text: Filippa Petersson


sebastian_bylinePolice Violence
Lately I’ve been completely hooked on clips from The Daily Show. Trevor Noah manages to turn the presidential election, police violence and the Manhattan bombings into humor. The latter can be seen in the clip The Daily Show – New Yorkers react to the Manhattan bombingAfter that, just keep clicking to enjoy more satire.

A Cabin in the Alps – In Lund
In case you, just like me, live in a bare and sad studio apartment, this video is a means of escaping your student accommodations by picturing yourself in a warm and cozy cabin in the Alps. My favorite is called 10 Hours of a Fireplace Burning HD, but there are loads more like it. For maximum effect, it can be combined with the website

Drunken escapades
Best of drunk Boris Yeltsin is without a doubt my favorite clip of all of YouTube. The drunken escapades of the former Russian president are quite dark, but yet so entertaining. It might not be very statesmanlike, but don’t we all want to down a cold one with Boris after having watched this clip?

Text: Sebastian Rudolfsson


pauladubbinkTerrible but Delightful
Somewhat of an old classic – albeit a really good one. When the Metro Trains in Australia wanted to educate the public about train station safety, they did not make a boring cautionary video. Instead they made a song that was highly popular, probably thanks to a catchy tune being combined with gruesome lyrics. Search for: dumb ways to die.

Let’s Go to Church
When comedian John Oliver start donating money to an American reverend who promises the blessing of God in exchange for donations, just to see what happens… you can just sit back and enjoy. Even though it is actually about a sad, unethical phenomenon. Search for: televangelists

Volvo, Ikea, Crispbread
In 2014 Norwegian Anders Nilsen composed the summer hit Salsa Tequila – a song consisting of his entire Spanish vocabulary. That made a Dutch DJ think to himself, “We can do that too,” and so he made a Scandinavian version. View it to see the whole of Scandinavia being summed up in 2:09 minutes. Search for: Volvo IKEA Knäckebröd.

Text: Paula Dubink

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