Great ways to get to know Lund

Great ways to get to know Lund

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Foto: Jonas Jakobson.

A new country and a new city is a daunting experience no matter your background. But Lund and its student life present an impressive array of activities. Make sure to get to know your new home and its people. Below follows a small list of your choices.

Perhaps you are worried that this little town is as complete cultural drought, but fear not. Kino Cinema is screening the opera Nabucco from the Metropolitan (recorded 7th of January). 300 kr per ticket but with 25% student discount lets you enjoy Verdis’ work in HD and surround sound.

British expats and general admirers of a very long and filling meal! Sydskånska nation offers an afternoon tea 08:00-17:00. Join the century long debate if clotted cream more closely resembles cream or butter.

Join the 350th University celebration in the lecture ‘Five years with Sten K Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship. The discussion will concern the contribution the centre has made to entrepreneurship since its formation, with a focus on lessons learned and future opportunities. 15:00 at the  Sten K Johnson Entrepreneurship Centre.

Thursday is a good day to try a student lunch at one of the nations. Both Malmö nation and Göteborgs nation as well as Västgöta nation offer a homemade meal this day at student friendly prices. “Smaklig måltid!”

The Swedish Association of Professional Photographer’s have an annual photo award. Peer at the winning photo by Martina Hoogland at Stadsbiblioteket along with her other works. Available 13th January to the 5th of February.

Celebrate you survived until the first weekend by going out on a truly Swedish club night. Helsingkrona nation offers SCHLAGERNATT, which is a genre of music both loved and hated by the Swedes; yet somehow slightly ironic dancing will in all probability turn to nostalgic singalong for many.

The Tourism Information Office of Lund organises a food tour this Saturday 12:00-14:00. Try trendy raw food and classics like the Lundafalafel. The tour starts outside the Tourism Information Office at Stortorget. The ticket costs 330 SEK and can be booked

The ice rink Ishallen is open for the public on Saturdays 16-19 (and Sundays 11-14). Entry ticket costs 40 for adults and renting skates is 70 kronor. The price is well worth it for watching your friends slide around in panic trying to avoid hitting small children and angry parents. Dress for how you would expect to dress in a room full of ice.

Brunch at  Hallands nation 11:30-14:00. A beloved staple in the nation’s weekend activities. Sample a satisfying meal while pondering if you could see yourself spending a hazy weeknight club night in Hallands.

You may have noticed that the students of Lund defy the weather and cobbled streets on bike. This bike auction is, perhaps, your chance to get a good deal. The auction starts at 17:00, with the bidding starting about 18:00. Find it at John Ericssons Väg/Ole Römers väg.


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