The Candidates for the Carnival Committee Has Been Nominated

The Candidates for the Carnival Committee Has Been Nominated

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Theres Whass, chairman of the nominating committee, standing with the minutes from the meeting. Photo: Tindra Englund

After having received a record number of applications, Lundakarnevalen’s nominating committee has now submitted their suggestion of whom to include in the Carnival Committee.

By Tindra Englund      Translated by Cecilia Eriksson

In total, 152 nominations and 61 candidacies were received for the eleven posts. The nominating committee chose to interview 40 of these.
– None of the applicants has applied for a specific post. You apply to be on the Carnival Committee and then, based on your interests, rank the posts in order of preference, says Therese Whass, chairman of the nominating committee.

Based on Solid Work
She is very pleased with the candidates they decided on and says the nominating committee has put some solid work into trying to put together the best team imaginable.
– We spent about 646 hours on interviews and preparations, says Therese Whass.

The nominating committee centred the interviews on creating a diverse and equal organization.
– It’s important that we have a good mix, and don’t end up with eleven students from the social sciences or eleven students from Lund Nation, says Therese Whass.

The One Important Question
The nominating committee has also carried out a solid background check, and did not merely speak to the references presented by the applicants themselves, but also tried to take unofficial references into consideration.
– However, the one important question in the interview was whether the applicant would have been sorted into Gryffindor or Slytherin, says Therese Whass, chairman of the nominating committee.

The Nominees for the Posts Are:
Head of Tickets and Sponsorships: Carl Johansson
Head of Economy: Jacob Karlsson
Head of Parties: Sofia Brandt
Head of Communications: Sara Ramberg
Head of Music and Programme: Patrik Norrman
Head of Amusement: Sofia Jörnlid
Head of Grounds: Kevin Bengtsson
Head of Production: Maja Cronert
Head of Security: Freja Davidsson Bremborg
Head of Parade: Ludvig Bodelsson
Head of Vieri: Ellen Olsson 

The Candidate Election Takes Place on February Seventh
The members of the Carnival Committee will not be decided until this meeting takes place. Then, potential rival candidates get the chance to present themselves before the election will be held. The meeting will be open, which means that anyone who is interested is more than welcome to attend.


The Carnival Committee

  • This is Lundakarnevalens highest executive institution. This group of students will govern the administration and the main task of working with Lundakarnevalen as a whole.
  • The Committee will create the entire organization, which includes everything that Lundakarnevalen
  • The Committee members have a shared responsibility to make sure that Lundakarnevalen becomes a reality.
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