Arguments about Håkan: ”Once again the upper class are stealing from the people”

Arguments about Håkan: ”Once again the upper class are stealing from the people”

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These are the words of Småland’s nation, whom are accusing Göteborg’s nation of stealing the club concepts. ­ It is tragic that they are trying to steal our biggest club concept, says Alice Nordin, one of the organizers of Småland’s Håkan club.

Written by Tindra Englund                 Translated by Rebecka McKinnon Forsell

Earlier in the afternoon, Lundagård published an article about Göteborg’s nation creating a new club concept with themed club nights. Instead of coming up with their own themes however, they have ”borrowed” some of the classics which Småland’s nation is now responding to. They write the following statement on their Facebook page:

”Once again the upper class are stealing from the people! Göteborg’s nation.

Don’t take this the wrong way, we are happy to help other nations who are struggling with coming up with new club concepts. You are more than welcome to come to us for help with understanding sexism or what March 8th and May 1st really stand for.

Everyone else can relax, you are all welcome here when the real Håkan clubs are back this semester.”

Astonishment and Annoyance
The person behind the post is Alice Nordin, one of the organizers of the Håkan Hellström Club ”En vän med en klubb”, who is also active at Småland’s nation. When she read about Göteborg’s new club concept she was at first astonished, but the astonishment was followed by annoyance.

We have been doing a little poorly now for a while. But now we were planning to start with the Håkan clubs, which makes it tragic that another nation is doing it too.

I was also a bit disappointed when I read the part about how they had been transparent within Kuratorskollegiet, KK, and talked to each other, but they haven’t e-mailed us, says Alice Nordin.

Feeling Disregarded
Neither the Nation’s representatives at Småland’s nation nor the organizers behind the Håkan Club ”En vän med en klubb” had heard anything about Göteborg’s nation’s plans before they read the article in Lundagård. But Alice Nordin is no longer surprised that Småland’s is being disregarded by the other nations.
Lately, it feels like we have been more disregarded, especially since we opened up for everyone. Now it’s like people don’t really see us as a nation anymore, says Alice Nordin.

She thinks it’s even more tragic because many of the other nations have memberships through Studentlund and can therefore more easily get people to attend.
– We always have to fight a little harder and this is our biggest club concept that they’re taking.

Alice Nordin thinks it would be a whole other issue if Göteborg’s nation had been in touch with Småland’s and told them that they were thinking of doing something similar.
That would have been nice maybe. We could have talked about it so that we wouldn’t be competing over the same week for example. If they were to have a Håkan Club on Wednesday, who would come to ours on Saturday?

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Big Ideological Differences
According to her it also feels extra sad that it is coming from Göteborg’s nation, one of Småland’s biggest ideological opponents. This makes the ”theft”, not only by the Håkan concept but also by the focus of the International Women’s Day, feel extra sad.
All the other days of the year they don’t care about working class women. To use this day as an excuse to drink and dance to Beyoncé feels a bit hypocritical. I have seen what they do on May 1st and that makes it even worse. Will they make March 8th into a party day for the upper class as well?

As a revenge, Småland’s nation is now planning to arrange a Skybar at Dacketaket.
We think it is regrettable that Småland’s are reacting the way they are. It is natural for Göteborg’s nation to dedicate one of the club nights of the term to Håkan Hellström since he is a large profile in Gothenburg and his music has for a long time been a main part of the festivities of the nation, says Göteborg’s nation’s curator, Truls Nörgaard Grytli.

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