New Wednesday Club Promises “Rally-Music” and Double Dance Floors

New Wednesday Club Promises “Rally-Music” and Double Dance Floors

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Göteborg’s nation leaves techno and the Thursday club behind in favor of a new concept on a new day. Wednesday 25th January is the premiere of Göteborgs nations onsdagsklubbGöteborg’s nation’s Wednesday Club.

By Tindra Englund   Translated by Cecilia Eriksson  Picture: Göteborg’s nation.


According to Truls Nörgaard Grytli, curator at Göteborg’s nation, there are many reasons for the decision.
– We used to have a club on Thursdays and Fridays, which resulted in the clubs drawing attention from one another. If one club went up, the other went down which wasn’t desirable.

Also, the management of Göteborg’s nation felt it was time for something new. And so far there has only been one permanent Wednesday Club within Studentlund.
– We tried different concepts with the Thursday Clubs, but we feel a change in day will benefit student life and give everyone more options to choose from, Truls Nörgaard Grytli says.

Although he won’t acknowledge the Thursday Club has been doing badly, Truls Nörgaard Grytli says the club’s had both ups and downs.
– It’s gone up and down, but lately it hasn’t always been as good as you’d want. So, this was a discussion we needed to have.

A New Name and Style of Music
The name Reaktor will be removed and instead the club will be called Göteborgs nations onsdagsklubb Göteborg’s Nation’s Wednesday Club. And every other week or so there will be a theme club.
– Among other things, there will be a Håkan club and a Schlager club. And on the International Women’s Day we’re having a Queen B club where most of the artists will be female, Truls Nörgaard Grytli says.

Even the music will be changed as mainstream music will replace techno.
– We call it “rally music”. It will be songs you can sing along to. After a night out, you should have a sore throat after having been on the dancefloor, singing along. That’s what we think Lund should be like!

Photo: Private
Even though there will be theme club nights, curator Truls Nörgaard Grytli says it’s important that the fundamentals remain the same so the guests know what they’ll get when they come. Photo: Private

No Risk of a Bad Atmosphere
Even though Göteborg’s nation is now launching both a Håkan club and a schlager club Truls Nörgaard Grytli isn’t worried the other nations will see this as stealing their best concepts.
– The nations affected have “permanent” themes, while we will only have these themes once every semester. Also, we’ve had close contact within the Kuratorskollegiet and have been very transparent.

He is secretive about what one can expect from the Grand Opening on Wednesday, but he is certain there will be a large turnout.
– What this means exactly, you’ll have to turn up to find out. But our new concept has been well received, so we’re expecting a full club. Also, both dance floors will be opened, says Truls Nörgaard Grytli curator at Göteborg’s nation.

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