The Grand Opening of The Museum of Sketches

The Grand Opening of The Museum of Sketches

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Photo: Cornelia Smedberg

This past Saturday, The Museum of Sketches was reopened. After working to renew the museum, it is once again ready to welcome visitors into a world of sketches and paintings.

Written by: Cornelia Smedberg Translated by: Cecilia Eriksson

Before opening day, Lundagård received a tour by Patrick Amsellem, the curator of the museum. He began by explaining that much of the work has been dedicated to creating better accessibility for students, scientists and the general public. Therefore, huge signs are now hanging in every room to describe the art in that specific room.

Visitors are Invited in
One of the biggest changes has been made in the first room, which is called the The Swedish Hall. Even if the art is hanging in the same way as before, there is now a special archive cabinet with sketches to compliment the paintings hanging on the walls.

“It is an attempt to invite visitors to explore for themselves” says Patrick Amsellem.

The Heart of the Museum
Birgit Rausing’s Hall, also known as the courtyard, is a room which holds huge expectations. That’s where workshops and seminars will be held and where music will be played.

“This is the heart of the museum. This is where we’ll meet the visitors” says Patrick Amsellem.

It is evident that the courtyard is something very special. The ceiling is lined with huge mirrors that reflect the gigantic mural that portrays a woman named Maram. The mural is made by the American street artist Caledonia Curry, who goes by the stage name Swoon. Her projects often revolve around people she meets in her everyday life. Among other things Swoon takes an interest in social issues, which is why she made the portrait of Maram, a Syrian refugee.

Spreading Joy
When Swoon interviewed Maram in connection to the portrait, Maram laughed and Swoon decided to try depicting the joy Maram feels about having a safe place to live and having received the opportunity to create a new life. By making a portrait of Maram with a smile on her face Swoon says it spreads humanity.

For those who couldn’t be there on opening day it is not too late. For instance, you can drop in on Thursday evenings when the museum is opened in the evening. In case you also want to delve into Swoon’s portrait above, there is a special event devoted to this portrait being held on February 2nd.

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